Cast iron skillet: Practical advice on its use and maintenance

In order to fully enjoy the use of the cast iron pan, it is important to create a non-stick coating that is fortunately created with normal use: if you use it once a day, after a couple of months you will have a wonderful non-stick coating.

To achieve this layer it is very important to use a stainless steel spatula with a flat base (never a ladle or a wooden / plastic utensil).
Scraping the spatula with the surface is achieved by leveling the base of the pan by getting a layer of oils that convert the surface to sticky :)

Cast iron pan base with scraping with a non-flat utensil or wood / plastic

Cast iron pan base with scraping of a stainless steel spatula

To keep the pan in good condition it is important to wash it with water only . Any soap will destroy the layer of nonstick grease we have created with such dedication :)
Once washed, dried and added some oil on its surface. In this way the oil will protect the iron from possible oxidation.
At home as we use it to cook organic vegetables and eggs, we wash the pan from time to time, yes: we remove the stumbling blocks that may remain in the pan.

Following these simple instructions the frying pan can last an eternity, ours for now is only a couple of years and is as new Better than new. I pass a link where you will find much more information on use and maintenance of cast iron pans, just visit gosureviews.

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