The 10 best ideas for decorating the garden and the terrace

We close the challenge of Small & Lowcost that in this edition has led us to enjoy the most of the terrace, the garden or the porch. No matter the size, the important thing is to have resources to decorate the outside of our house and fill it with life in a simple way. Here are the best ideas from our commercial garden maintenance melbourne.

1. From the blog of a Home Dash we talk about how the square meters are not decisive when it comes to decorating. Some ideas are giving us create neutral bases on the floor , thinking very well in the location of plants, use terracotta pots … blog Aires renewed also seeks to inspire images with smaller balconies.

Image 1


2. One of the elements that will help to create pleasant and beautiful terraces are textiles . Decorate my house commitment Bohemians spaces with cushions of different sizes and colors with pallets.

Image 0

3. Feng Shui also guides us when decorating the terrace, where they can best go choose furniture or what items we can never overlook.

Image 2


4. The first tutorial of this edition comes from the hand of Decorar con Ideas. A simple step by step on how to make and hang copper pots , one of the materials that is trend this summer and along with green plant the result is great. From the blog of Noelia Cachefir also we find more ideas to make simple DIY.

Image 3

5. Help decorate shows how many times the simplest thing is what works best for us. In this case a basic terrace where some solutions like artificial turf have achieved much lower price reform.

Image 4

6. Home Ten proposes recycling to achieve a low cost terrace . Cable reels such as coffee table, fruit boxes to put the plants or even tires. In the same vein, we show Furnit ideas from pallets.

Image 5

7. If something always relate to the terrace is relaxing for them from your vintage drawer give us a tutorial to make a hammock with a stick, rope and cloth. Diariodeco also offers us rest on a sofa pallet . The key again is in textiles.

Picture 6

8. If you have small children at home we can put some bird houses . Simple colors and fun for children to play in the garden.

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9. Ruth Chicote has set up a table lovely breakfast with vintage touches and many flowers. The key is to have in mind that we can enjoy the outside with little things as simple as a good book, a family meal, a catering with friends.

Image 0

10. We close our review with Acotio Deco has left us sneak in your garden to see how nice it has been his couch and pallet In my lovely home that gives us the four elements that can never belacking in our terrace.

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