Websites that use photos of beautiful scenery

The landscape photographs have become a kind of trend in web design, partly because a landscape, depending on the perspective and its predominant colors, have the ability to convey powerful emotions to a user either tranquility, peace, enthusiasm, etc. If these emotions are aligned with your brand design already have at least one detail resolved in your design. In this article lachie Anderson mention some websites that make use of photos of beautiful scenery to attract users.


Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Exposure

This online platform for photographers helps you create stories based on your photos. And what better way to test the ability of this platform to use those same photographs of community members in the home. Not only the pictures are well achieved because they were taken by professionals and photography enthusiasts, but a kind of radial filter that makes a part of the picture darker used.

Typography that invites users to use the platform is dynamic and fun and button call to action highlighted by the color that has been used in its filling.


Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Duo

It shows a landscape perspective, it’s like you’re looking at the scenery from above. It is further emphasized by the fog that photography has captured that covers only a part of the landscape and leave the rest intact.

The photograph used gives a certain majesty and elegance to the website. The logo is quite modern typography as support.


Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Industry

It shows a photograph of a snowy landscape, but the most amazing photography is the great contrast between black and white has been achieved. The picture conveys balance and security features that are associated with this design agency.


Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Plain

Has been used in black and white photography, this same palette is maintained throughout the website. The image shows a wheat field, it shows how the wind gently sways which conveys peace and to a certain air of mystery, depending on your mood.

The Grazing Elk

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: The Grazing Elk

This site is amazing, tells a story based on pictures. It is made of parallax scrolling, complemented by stunning photographs of landscapes and a curved typography and manuscript appearance. The result is a simple page that explains precisely what the goal of the company and what he does.

Roll Studio

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Roll Studio

This company dedicated to digital production stands on its homepage five outstanding projects, each of which presents a picture that fills the entire screen. In addition, two lines explains what the project, way to capture the attention of visitors. The photographs are of high quality and respond directly to the character of each project.

Ash Edmonson

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Ash Edmonson

photograph of some mountains is employed, it has managed to make a contrast between black and white, plus the mountains occupy only part of the picture, leaving room for the sky. It has added a simple texture that gives more personality to the site, while the title uses a typeface with thick sticks. The result is a quite elegant online portfolio.

Coyote Rock Ranch

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Coyote Rock Ranch

an image of a landscape that looks pretty static is used. The really interesting thing about this picture is how it has managed to capture the contrast between the colors, so dark sky that almost no clouds noticeable, green grass, yellow vegetation that appears in the foreground and the land of dunes that appear in the background. All colors involved form a large palette.

Massis Tea

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Massis Tea

This colorful website shows a picture of a beautiful landscape and strategically used to imply that the origin of the product is 100% natural. In this case, the photograph not only plays a role but highly aesthetic helps reinforce a message or a special attribute of the product.

Christchurch Harbour Hotel

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Christchurch Harbour Hotel

Landscape photographs are really effective in places where some excitement in visitors, ie, on-site dedicated to tourism, as this hotel is created for example. On the home page sets various photographs of the incredible internal environments and external environments. Obviously the pictures are of high quality and make the user wants to see the same scenery.


Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Thermodo

This site presents a snowy landscape. To add drama and show the advantages of their product has been used to simulate an effect snowfall. Contrasting colors in the picture is amazing, you can even notice a kind of degraded part of the sky and the colors are very vibrant.

Sailing Collective

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Sailing Collective

All photographs look like they were taken from a distance or from the top and has a grainy appearance at first seems to have been taken with a camera not so good, but then notes that is a feature in all your photos. Again, using photographs of landscapes are made to invite the user to subscribe to this service.

World of Swiss

Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: World of Swiss

This page shows us a mountainous landscape. The page belongs to an airline, for that reason use of this landscape that could only be seen from the top is done. In addition, animations reinforce the nature of this service because the benefits are listed, one by one, in an effect that makes it seem as if found floating or flying.


Websites that use photos of beautiful landscapes: Atmosphere

The home page shows a photograph of a landscape where the blue is one of the main colors. It notes that is a hilly landscape, but the main feature of photography is the predominance of blue. a good harmony is generated and is easy to find fonts that highlight.

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