10 key elements in web health design

Web design in health requires a patient-centered approach.

Raising the web design in health sector companies, such as clinics or hospitals for example, requires understanding the essential elements that will serve the site. The marketing team should be clear about how to create a value relationship with the patient, current or future, and how it will communicate this relationship and respond to those aspects for which they will seek information on the web.

From a technical point of view we must analyze different points such as security, reliability and aspects of content management or user management to find the solution, preferably CMS, to implement in your web design.

Here we present 10 key elements in web design health :

  1. Relevant Content: Most patients who come to your website from search engines will do or maybe from other websites. In any case, these visits look for relevant content that responds to your search in the shortest possible time. Medical information, a product, a doctor or the opinion about a specialist in question, is the information that is sought and your website must be prepared to manage and offer these contents by which to attract and engage those visits. Two big guns: the blog and video.
  2. User -friendly design: It is important that the design of a web reflects your corporate image adapted to the digital environment. Equally important is that the design and its structure, facilitate navigation to the user. It should be easy for anyone who comes to our website to find a specific medical specialty, the name of a doctor, a service, the clinic phone or fill out a form.
  3. Integration with measurement tools: It can be easy to think that when the site is online and receives visits’re all right. It is essential to know how many visits we receive daily, where they come from and what their behavior on each of our pages. Tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console are two indispensable in any web to increase the quality of our service from the analysis of metrics and the improvement of aspects.
  4. Request for online quote: It is known that one of the black spots of many clinics, centers and hospitals is the call. Calls that take time to answer because of the high number that are received daily. Therefore there are different solutions to manage online or new patient appointment online and you can integrate in the web design of your health company.
  5. Integration with CRM patient management: If your website allows your patients ask for online quotes, something that we strongly recommend, it  is important that data is synchronized with its CRM to facilitate the process, avoid human resources management by someone Of your computer or even avoid possible scheduling errors. This type of integration also allows you to customize the user experience regarding content and contact forms, among others.
  6. Designed for mobile: Currently many websites receive more traffic through mobile devices than conventional computers. This is linked to the fact that Google is currently receiving more searches from mobile than from desktop computers. Faced with such user behavior, navigation issues, it is essential that any web design is responsive, fully adapted to mobile devices.
  7. Integration with social networks: As we have previously stated their web can receive traffic from other websites. One way to facilitate this generation of visitors is to make it easy to share their content. For this it is indispensable that your web has integration with the social networks so users can share a click those contents that are of interest to them.
  8. Show reviews from other patients: There is nothing that generates greater trust a person to see how others in the same situation or need, give their opinion and recommend the service, product or doctor. Showing these opinions greatly encourages the conversion of your website, either through appointment request or calls for more information.
  9. Boost your traffic with Google Adwords: a way to boost visits to your website and consequently increase sales, is developing a strategy for online advertising through Google Adwords. We must keep in mind that Google has a strict policy regarding health advertising. We recommend that you contact marketing agencies specializing in health to develop this type of online advertising campaigns .

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