How to create a promotional video

Today many are companies that use AdWords to advertise on Google; Therefore, there is competition to consider for planning a successful ad campaign. However, there is a great opportunity that we must not miss: AdWords video.

AdWords for video allows you to create dynamic and easy YouTube ad campaigns and best of all is that not all are taking advantage to this advertising medium. This is an opportunity cost of advertising that you can take with an advertisement in the form of video to advertise your business for YouTube and across the Google Display network.




A few weeks ago I wrote about the different types of corporate video production in Calgary that can be created in an AdWords campaign for video. If you want to know various ads that can be implemented, visit this article.

And although different ads TrueView I described in my last article about ads on YouTube, there is another key point to plan and implement a business advertising through video: the video itself.

This article is intended to serve as a support to the creation of a video for a successful AdWords campaign. But first of all, let’s look at some considerations to determine whether a campaign video is what your company needs.


Is AdWords video strategy suitable for my business?


It can Yes due to its multiple benefits, but may not be the most effective for all businesses in their current situation.This will depend on considerations such as:

  • Demographic situation. All over the world watch videos today, but may be your target audience a very specific group of individuals not characterized by watching videos especially. In this case, there may be another strategy to appropriately address this audience.
  • The rate of clicks in your video ads may be low. May not be able to segment or find the audience that is interested in your content, the rate of clicks on your ads could be low not addressed timely and quickly your audience interested.
  • The video to announce production. There are two possibilities: you can do it yourself or hire a professional. In the first case, you will have to make it look quality, interesting and attractive to the eye of your audience objective. In the second case, hire a professional can make sure the quality and attractive enough, but it can be expensive.

After these considerations present: AdWords for video could benefit the visibility and reach of your business on the internet? If so, it’s time to create the video!


Create a commercial-quality video


The most important consideration when creating a video as advertisement is if it provides value to your audience. If it is useful for the user, if it provides information, if it answers their questions or gives good ideas instead of just promoting your products or services. The user will have a valuable and much more significant with the video experience.

Take for example a Bertucci’s, a pizzeria in United States you created valuable advertising videos for your audience.How added value to your videos? Rather than just promoting their pizzas, he created videos that offer fun, tips and tips used by them to cooking “best pizza”.

This video not only speak well of the place and its food, but it gives you something your audience interested in pizza, teaching him how to prepare a good mass or a sauce of herbs.



To provide value in your videos, ask yourself: would you like to know my audience? What information might be useful and entertaining at the same time? Regardless of the industry of your business, there will be something able to draw the attention of users and infect you with an experience that will leave them a valuable learning as well as a sympathy for your business.


Tips to generate valuable videos


1. the short videos will be seen by more people


The attention of users on the internet, where they have to reach a host of videos and other content, is a precious and scarce resource. The majority of users get bored easily, so if you create a 10 minute video, in which the best part is the 8 minute, is likely that not many people will see it.

A short and effective video usually takes less than 2 minutes. And there is another detail: clearly will be the part of your video to be played over the first few seconds (already that after these, little interested users the video they will close or will they), therefore, make these first seconds captivate your audience and seduce her watch. Let them know the value you offer throughout the video so that they are until the end in these first-time moments.


2 focus your video on keywords for which positions


This point is key to avoid the second consideration described above: “the rate of clicks in your video ads can be low“.

No matter what so cool is your video, if you put it to the people that they will not find it relevant, this will go unnoticed.

It is crucial that positions your video to your audience objective, i.e., the users to whom is addressed and who will find it valuable for their lives. This is achieved by placing the video to the right keywords. If you are not sure that the keywords you use are indicated, you must do constant testing to identify keywords that don’t give you good results and eliminate them.


3 determine the purpose and the video message


Making videos because it is the best way to squander the budget. Prior to the creation of the video, it is necessary to identify which goals want to achieve with it, what kind of audience it is intended, what message you will convey and how Board to your audience.

Target your users profile will determine the type of video you will have to do and the tone in which you Unscripted content.

If your relationship with your audience on the internet is open, casual and spontaneous, will be well treat the message of the video with humor for these users to interact better with the material, while if your company offers for example, legal advice in a very formal relationship online environment, the mood in a video could generate a reaction like this :




Know your audience and deal with it with a purpose clear in your video to be sure of providing value and a good experience.


4. If you have testimonials, use them


When you go to the mechanic to make him a revision to your car and this tells you that it requires a change of transmission by what will cost you dearly, it is possible for you to feel skeptic to the verdict of this person. But if you go with a second mechanic and it tells you exactly the same thing, it is likely to think that the diagnosis is correct.

The same happens in the mind of a user to watch a video in which a company advertising. There is the possibility that your audience will take all your statements with skepticism, however, if you see someone declare the same thing from your point of view and experience, this streams you more confidence and credibility.

Get others as satisfied customers to recommend your products and services for you for your video ad. If you’re a local business, to physically assist your customers, you can invite them to share their opinion about your company in front of a camera to be used in a promotional video. You can even offer an incentive to those loyal customers who want to take your videos the recommending your products.


5. it leverages existing content


If you take a time you striving to move forward as a company in internet, likely that you’ve generated content of quality along the way. It is not necessary to create everything from scratch every time you want to create a new type of material, since you can recycle content to be appropriate and interesting to add it to your video.

There are many ways to reuse resources for a video, so any content dissemination well can come you more fun and attractive.

Do you have a boring report statistics for your products? Turn it into an animated video that list the benefits of your products to your customers. Do you have a presentation of informational content? Turn it into an educational video that explains a step by step process for your audience.

Online video is a form of versatile content, dynamic and stimulating, so you can convert almost any piece of content in a moment of interest and entertainment for your users just by making use of your creativity.


The YouTube audience is plentiful and not so much competition now, so take advantage of this opportunity and generates valuable videos that you can promote to attract customers. Online video is here to stay.

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