10 tips to decorate without money

If you do not have silver to decorate your House, but you’re already bored of seeing always the same, don’t worry, to give a new look to your home it is not necessary that you spend high amounts of money. Just need a bit of time, creativity and with the help of these tips, you can achieve with very little to make major changes.

1. the fruits and vegetables are the best decoration

Rather than leaving them in the kitchen, use them for a cute table centrepiece or save them casually in a basket to give a fresh style to your home


2 reuse is the key
We had already commented on new uses for old things, again look at your House and reuse what you have. Using a bench as a shelf for your ornaments, create a bookseller with a dry dishes and find more ideas in this post.


3. you move all your furniture
Many times we get bored because everything always is exactly in the same place. But take a complete afternoon to put the living room where is the dining room, completely change the layout of your bed, to kitchen furniture. Everything will be as never before it had regarded it.

4.Enmarca your pictures with Washi Tape
Many times we have postcards, pictures or photos, but we don’t have silver to frame them. That’s our faithful friend washi tape, with which we can make colors frames and forms.


5. furniture new economic
We all know that the furniture item is expensive, but if you do them with economic materials, you can be very cheap. Look at all the ideas that you can do with cement blocks and nice shelves withdrawers of fruits.


6. become a busquilla
The best treasures of the House are what you find in a place that not expected. Take time to vitrinar in Persian Bío Bío, Kings Park, antiques fairs and you will always find something that costs little, but it will have great value in your home.

7. the charm of stones
Stones you are everywhere and the best thing is that they are free. In a post we did, we saw many original shapes so you can decorate with them, paint them, stack them, looking for some with different figures and you can have new ornaments for your home.


8 try the  mortgage brokers in toronto
Because in some cỉrcumstances you do not have enough money to buy what you need so that you need loan from mortgage brokers.

9 I know a collector of small plants

Ask your friends let you remove the “daughters” of their wonderful succulent and begins to create a decorative super collection of indoor plants.


10. your clothes as decoration

Out your grossing clothes from the closet and hang them out to give a “grunge” to your home.



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