5 rules on color: the success of a professional web design

The design of a web page is based not only on the composition or forms, but also in the combination of colors. Many advertisers even indicate that the Association of colors to a brand is so strong, that a bad combination can lead to failure.


We must learn to choose carefully, the colors as a visit decides in a matter of seconds if it stays or not in the web page. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules, taking into account some guidelines can help us to find a harmonious design.

1. identifies the target audience of your website

The importance of choosing colors based on the public which we are going is that most of the colors are associated with certain groups; for example, when we choose a gift for a newborn child, we chose the pastel blue if child or pink if it’s girl (yellow if we don’t know what it is).


The page is primarily to attract and convince to visit. Therefore, should select colors with which the visit feels identified.


If the public that want to reach is a masculine audience, we can use dark colors (like gray or black) or cool colors (blue and green). The female audience is more identified with colors like violetor purple; While the young audience is more identified with flat and bright colors like orange or green.

2. turn on emotions

One of the properties of the colors is the transmit feelings. Colours stimulate our brains and evoke peace, security, confidence, passion and mystery…This is very interesting from the point of view of Marketing, it is not necessary to give arguments to convince about the property or benefits of a product or service.


In the next article , you can read more about the associations of colors, brands and sensations.


But eye: many of these associations have a cultural basis. For example, wear black for example is go mourning in our society, while in India the color of mourning is white. Take this into account in the international relations of your business.


3. choose what colors?

Another aspect when choosing the colors for our brand and our website(Paid Survey Sites) is a balance. The harmony of colors and balance makes a design more or less effective. But what colors have to select? In general, are recommended to comply with one of these three rules:

  1. Colors of the same chromatic range; that is, different shades of the same color.
  2. Complementary colors; those located next in the chromatic range
  3. Colors opposite: are those located just at the opposite side of the color range and help the contrast.

Another of the recommendations is not to abuse the colors: two or three is enough and is always good to have a predominant color.

4. effectiveness of color: contrast

Color contrast is produced by combining two colors which are not related. This allows for example, highlight text or images. Combine light and dark colors to achieve this visual effect.

5. composition and weight of colors

Thanks to the colors and the forms we can direct the gaze of the visit and thus to highlight certain elements.


The composition says that warm colors, dark or lands, weigh more than the cold, clear so heavy colors. Search for harmony and the right balance in the design of your website.


To do this, you can follow these basic rules:

  1. Creates a single point of visual impact per page; i.e., a point to which to look.
  2. Respects the gaze of the reader; that is, from left to right and from top down.
  3. Lets air and blank spaces to gaze rests.

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