How to decorate a bottle of Alcohol

Although many brands of alcoholic beverages Have Their Own cache when it comes to labels and appearance in general: sometimes you can choose to hide Their brand of origin or simply improve increase the current style of the bottle. In Both cases you’re lucky: you can have lots of fun turning an ordinary bottle of spirit in a flamboyant and flashy festival. A bottle So THAT your guests will see her again and overturn an Entire row of decorated bottles can brighten the house so glamorous bar or party. Decorate the bottle is removed simple, but the results are just fantastic.


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    Choose the bottle or bottles you want to decorate. Taking into account the shape of the bottle and glass color. Bottle often already be molded to include the mark; in this case, be prepared to work with the brand when it comes to alcohol very good brand or be prepared to cleverly hide if it’s something you want to hide. Choose bottles that combine together if you doing a whole row of bottles decorated for a party bar. Need not be uniform, but must have visual interest.

    • Note that it may be more difficult to work with some bottles than others. For example, it may be harder hit them decorative elements frosted glass bottles or having characteristics of rare and daring design.
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    Take away the bottle labels. You must remove all labels: the front, the back and from elsewhere, to have a blank canvas on which to work. The method you use to remove them depend on the type of label and how it has stuck, although in some cases where the label is part of the glass bottle, you’ll have to leave it. To help off the bottle labels attached soaked in soapy water and use an item, such as a paint scraper spatula to scrape paper and glue. Use an oil such as eucalyptus or commercial cleaning fluid viscosity for the stubborn remnants of glue and pieces of paper, so you can remove all the sticky stuff.

    • By removing the tags make sure to clean the entire surface of each bottle so that any embellishments you going to wear can easily stick. Finish cleaning the bottle with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar.
    • Check the bottle cap to make sure you are properly closed. Do not use any bottle with a loose lid or you could end up soaked in vodka, rum or gin while you hit things!
    • Be sure to let the bottle air dry or use a clean towel to dry.
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    . Choose materials design depends heavily on the materials you use; First, consider what you would like to use on bottles. You can always add more items after designing the bottle. Obviously, it is unlikely you’re going to hit real gems but imitation jewelry will be fantastic. In general, use objects to shine, they can easily stick and to give vitality to the bottle. Some things that may work include:

    • Bright Jewellery or jewelry imitation: do not be afraid to separate old jewelry.You can get in seattle liquor stores
      or online.
    • The adhesive jewelry, fake diamonds or rhinestones and other similar things, available from craft stores, were self-adhere to a clean bottle.
    • Feathers. The brightly colored feathers from a craft shop can be fun additions to the bottle.
    • Glitter or glitter. All colors of glitter will be appropriate to decorate the bottle.Before you buy, check what they are adequately liquid glitter adhere to glass.
    • Three-dimensional letters. You might want to include the name of a guest birthday, a retiree or other special person; channel letter will be extremely well in the bottle. In fact, if you want to label the bottles (“vodka, gin, rum,” etc.) you may find that the three-dimensional letters are a very clever labeling system.
    • Conchas. Shells and bright pieces of shells (such as abalone shells) can really beautify the bottle and can easily gather at craft stores or on the beach.
    • Auditors. Some accounts may be a bit hard to hit but if really help to highlight the design, may be worth the effort. It is better to use larger than a seed accounts, so they are easy to see and easy to handle.
    • Charms. Any kind of said bottle will be more striking. Try to match colors (silver, gold, etc.) with other color themes you’re using in the bottle.
    • Painting. Do not neglect the possibilities of painting, including bright paint, paint with glitter and paint that glows in the dark. You can add paint contemporary form, as a part of the design or the complete design. Another approach would be to paint the entire bottle and then hit jewelry and other decorations on the bottom and painted. This can be a very effective look.
    • Custom pieces in your basket crafts: anything bright, glitter, vivid or bright colors is a chance to decorate your bottle, from sequins to ribbons. While stick with the topic you are looking for and can be glued or fastened well to the bottle, then fine.
    • Match adhesive materials with materials chosen. If you’re not sure, ask for advice on the craft store or hardware store where you buy the glue. In many cases, a hot melt glue gun or craft will be sufficient, but may not work, so make sure first.
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    Elaborate decorative design. The how you want to decorate the bottle is a totally personal creative exercise. Also depend on the shape of the bottle, the theme of your party or event and materials you choose to use. Paper draws a basic design of the bottle and playing with some of the materials to be placed in different ways. There are many possible combinations, but some of the things that can operate on bottles include:

    • Gems or jewelry rings around the bottle. For example, you may have a series of rings cascading down and nothing else. Or, you could have three evenly spaced, with large characteristic items stuck in the middle of each ring as a focal point rings.
    • A centerpiece in the center of the front of the bottle. This can range from a cameo with the photo of the birthday until a bunch of flowers made only with jewels.
    • A ribbon tied around the neck and attached to the front of the bottle, with small bows stuck randomly throughout the bottle and glittering jewels, glued to the center of each bun.
    • A random distribution of imitation jewelry and bright pieces, so it look like it is leaking luxurious treasures.
    • Themed party. Perhaps your party has a theme: in this case try to focus on the design of the item, for example for a pirate-themed party, a bottle of overflowing treasure; for a party themed mystery wealthy characters, a diamond-encrusted bottle. Whatever the subject, you think relevant decorative additions.
    • Decide if you are going to decorate other items such as glasses and table decorations. If this is the case, avoid exaggerating the complete appearance, to make the bottles look very complicated or opposed to other designs.
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    To see if you like the design you’re thinking, make a trial bottle. To see if the elements work well together, you can put them in place using tacks posters instead of glue. The best thing about doing it this way is that you can move all items as much as you want until well. Then hold him in a digital photo and print a copy or put it on a tablet so you can have it at your side as a template while you work on the actual design.

    • Grab the bottle. Is the bottle easy to handle with the chosen design or you find it difficult to grab? Remember that people should be able to manipulate the bottle safely without slipping.
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    Decorate the bottle. Once you are happy with the design, follow him and begins to hit the bottle the jeweled pieces. Work in a covered work area to prevent splashes and stains; to put all jewelry, glitter and embellishments used bowls and other small containers that are not lost as you work through your creation. Ten handy tweezers and rags to help manipulate jewelry and other ornaments and to remove stains from glue and paint. Here are some tips to help things go smoothly while doing the bottle:

    • Sometimes it is easier to work on the bottle while sideways, instead of upright. If you’ll leave the bottle upright, working from the top of the bottle to the bottom.This way your hand will not hit or stain your previous work. Before descending, make sure you turn the bottle so you can reach all angles and areas.
    • If an item begins to slip into the bottle after paste, use toothpicks, bamboo skewers, etc. to use as props and keep the item in place while it dries. Do not move the bottle during the drying time to avoid any additional movement. While waiting maybe you can proceed to the next bottle.
    • If you’re using paint is a good idea to glue all painted objects before anything else. This will prevent paint more than glass and if you do not like the effect of paint somewhere, you can clean it quickly without affecting the other items in the bottle.
    • Put glitter smearing some glue to the bottle with a brush according to the desired design and then rocíale a little glitter to the bottle. Do this over a bowl because most of the glitter will fall from the bottle and fall into the container.This way you can reuse the remaining glitter.
    • Use only the glue needed to make jewelry or other items to the bottle without dripping from the sides sticking. Using excessive amounts of adhesive can cause the bottle to look sloppy.
    • As it is very likely that you work in the bottle while still contain alcohol inside, do not use open flames near your work gluing. Also note that while working in the bottle, it will have extra weight and fluid movement sometimes cause splashing and this can affect your craft.
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    Before using the bottle, make sure it is dry and tough. Check it for loose parts;quítalas glue or completely.

  8. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 8.jpg

    Put it on display. If you serve at a party chooses a place where everyone can see, for example, half a tray of glasses or the center of a table. If you made a complete row of decorated bottles, put them around the house or at the bar party so they can be seen as soon as someone stand on the bar or table. To increase the wow factor maybe you can give him a lamp or a projector to the bottles.

    • Give a clever twist to display the bottles using funny items around the house.For example, put a bottle of drink at one of your favorite pairs of shoes (perhaps a not too rare or too expensive). This may be fine for a girls night out or bachelorette party.

Bottle decorated with paint

Here is a short tutorial to make a bottle decorated with paint. This way you’ll have an idea of preparing style decorated bottle.

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    Buy or find a bottle of suitable alcohol. Take away the labels as indicated above and pat dry.

  2. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 10.jpg

    Paint the entire bottle in one color, using glass paint. It can be white, green, red or black or any color that you think will enhance the decorations.Let it dry and decide if you need another coat of paint;yes you may need it because the paint tends to be irregular in glass with the first hand.Allow each coat to dry before proceeding.

    • You can skip this step if you prefer glass to see, especially if it is a pretty color like blue or yellow.
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    Píntale random spots throughout the bottle, with an approximate diameter of 1 cm (1/2 inch). A cotton swab is ideal for this purpose.Try to keep the uniform spots on size and location.Let the stitches dry.

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    Hit faux jewels or whatever you want at regular intervals between points. Try to make a pattern with some regularity.Follow completing the design as you wish.

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    Before using the bottle, allow to dry for 72 hours. After this time there will be no problem using the bottle at your party or event.

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  • Consider the effect of drops of sticky or heavy alcohol in the decorative elements. It may not be a problem if there is a bottle once, but if you plan to keep some elements as the material can be damaged spots alcohol or viscosity.
  • To allow bottles adequate drying time, decorate them at least 48 hours before the event; is preferable to do some 72 hours earlier.
  • For a party considers decorate some miniature bottles for the guests to take home.
  • Bottles with matching jeweled cocktail glasses that combine and add a few jewels to your glassware. You can buy cheap cocktail glasses in a wine glasses and plates or in a thrift store.

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