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More than 50 shades of gray for interior decoration

This bedroom is painted in gray Amazin.  This tone of Sherwin-Williams has a touch of khaki.

The title of the popular book and movie based on it account for 50 shades of gray, but for interior designer Judy Broughton are more and tells in an interview with reporter Elda Silva, the Houston Chronicle.

“You can add and subtract color until you’re 100 years and always get different shades of gray,” says Broughton, design program coordinator at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.

With great adaptability, gray can go from pale to dark ranges, from warmth to coldness, just adding shades of green, blue, violet and brown mix. All these shades are highlighted in the home, where the gray was imposed as a neutral but elegant color.

In the past five years, the journals and professional interior designers have made great changes from gray perception as a cold and industrial color, according to Jackie Jordan, director of corporate advertising Sherwin-Williams.

“It is a sophisticated color and blends well with all types of designs, whether contemporary, traditional, country or eclectic, or any intermediate idea, because there’s a nice range of grays” added Jordan.

Farewell to beige

Another factor driving the popularity of gray is boredom with beige tones.

“I think people are sick of beige,” said Jordan. “It was the (color) neutral in the past two decades, if not more, and you get tired of that.”

Although most avant-garde than the beige, gray “is a very safe neutral background,” Broughton said. “In fact, I can not think of any color that can not be combined with gray”.

Andrea Magno, an expert in colors and signature design Benjamin Moore, said there is no strict rules to incorporate the gray space.

“I think everything depends on the specific space, the amount of light you have, the type of environment you want to create,” said Magnus. “If we think of the room, you want it to be clear and open or prefer a bit more cozy? I think all these factors must be considered when choosing colors. ”

Beyond the room, the versatility of gray makes it a ‘great for any room in the home “color, Jordan said.”Therefore, it is not limited to a particular space.”

For those who are not convinced with that color, Jordan recommends starting by the bedrooms.

“Very nice color for a bedroom as it can be romantic if you use darker shades,” Jordan said.

In particular, the dark gray look great on the wall behind the bed, according to Jordan. In the bedroom of children or children’s games room, gray can be combined with pink or blue, “and looks lovely with shades of spring green,” said the expert.


Jordan suggests that for the bedroom of a teenager pass to the next level and combine with red. However, for baths light gray tones are more welcoming.

“You must make sure not to overdo it in the bathroom, because it should not have gray tones that are reflected in your skin,” Jordan said. “Long as you have good lighting, you’ll have problems.”

And we can not forget the kitchen. You can paint the cabinets gray or grayish stains that let you see the texture of wood, Jordan said.

After painting

When you paint the walls gray, that does not necessarily go hand in hand with new furniture and accessories.

“It works well with many of the things you already have at home,” Magno said.

However, if you lean a monochrome environment, the key is to use different shades and textures, Magno said. Bright colors are also combined superbly with gray tones.

“There’s something really modern and cheerful about it,” he said. “Maybe you can put beautiful pieces of art, which will be highlighted with gray background.”





1: A painted with Dovetail tone attic, one of the gray company offering Sherwin-Williams.


2: A room in Stonington Gray Benjamin Moore signature. (Benjamin Franklin Moore)


3: The tone called Elephant’s Breath is one of 20 shades of gray featuring signature Farrow & Ball.


4: This bedroom is painted in gray Amazin. This tone of Sherwin-Williams has a touch of khaki.


5: White Cornforth is one of the Scandinavian gray Farrow & Ball. Along with the tone stone Purbech and Ammonite, is one of the most popular worldwide nuances, as Sarah Cole, director of that company based in England.


6: One bedroom painted with Purbeck stone tone of Farrow & Ball.


7: A room painted with Benjamin Moore cloud gray.


8: Walls Down Pipe in dark gray signature Farrow & Ball, offset by the white ceiling to give a cozy feel without being oppressive.

Original ideas for decorating the chairs at your wedding reception

Brighten scenario has nothing wrong, especially when the chairs do your best allies to achieve them. The 2014 comes alive with a myriad of original ideas that allow you to add symbolic details on those elements that you never imagined you. Dare to bring the best of your style to that furniture we often forgotten during the banquet. Now, it rains inspiration!

Decor chairs your wedding reception - Photo Pasha Belman Photography

Decor chairs your wedding reception – Photo Pasha Belman Photography

Decoration for wedding banquet chairs - Archetype Pictures Studios Inc and Iliana Morton Photography

Decoration for wedding banquet chairs – Archetype Pictures Studios Inc and Iliana Morton Photography

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Photo BHLDN

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Photo BHLDN

A few years ago, all I was concerned to decorate the wedding banquet chairs were the classic bows tulle fabrics or other textile. Now, that is completely forgotten, is that your chairs deserve the consent thou as it should. This furniture is often too obvious, but this year the rules change and transform designs for you to give that nice lounge luxury weddings instant!

From the classic chairs for the bride and groom, until they occupy all your guests, each must bear a special touch. Remember that each ornament you choose should be in complete harmony with the colors and the theme you have chosen for your wedding. If you already decantaste by any of these 6 colors in trend to decorate your wedding in spring 2014 , then it’s time for you to take to your imagination so you chairs overlooking much glamor.

Wheelchair decoration in the wedding banquet - Photo Pictillo and Harwell Photography

Wheelchair decoration in the wedding banquet – Photo Pictillo and Harwell Photography

Decoration for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Jose Villa

Decoration for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Jose Villa

Decor chairs your wedding reception - Photo BHLDN

Decor chairs your wedding reception – Photo BHLDN

Original decoration for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Halberg Photographers and Meg Smith

Original decoration for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Halberg Photographers and Meg Smith

Decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Bend the Light Photography

Decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Bend the Light Photography

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Lisa Lefkowitz

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Lisa Lefkowitz

The options are endless. You can choose pieces of fabric in a range of complementary colors or ombré trend (from pastel pink to purple), there is also the option of including a cute fabric in subtle color with some flowers that make a distinction. If you live in a more natural style then be sure to include leaves tied in the back of the chairs, or a bouquet of roses in color highlight of your wedding. Do not forget to see the best ideas for decorating your religious ceremony day .

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Scobey Photography

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Scobey Photography

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Studio Orange

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Studio Orange

For chairs boyfriends, you can not overlook the classic signs of “Mr.” and “Mrs.”. These titles are able to add in vintage details, accompanied by fruit scraps of fabric in the colors they like, with pieces of wood or textiles with designs stitched home-style letters. The trick is to combine the simplicity, elegance and a touch of fun in the decorations of your chairs, without incurring leave elegance and fall into bad taste.

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Aaron Delesie

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Aaron Delesie

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs - Photo Ashley Therese Photography

Original decorations for wedding banquet chairs – Photo Ashley Therese Photography

Remember that the rules only you put them. Dedicate yourself to find the most beautiful fabrics, spectacular combinations , ornaments with sparkles, flowers and all sorts of options to decorate the chairs at your wedding reception. If you need help, you will find the best companies in our directory of suppliers  decoration for weddings in Mexico City , as  Ambienta ,  hire chairs London ,  Spaces and Shades Events ,  Couture Rentals ,  Paulina Ricardi ,  Atelier Central , and many more!

How to decorate a bottle of Alcohol

Although many brands of alcoholic beverages Have Their Own cache when it comes to labels and appearance in general: sometimes you can choose to hide Their brand of origin or simply improve increase the current style of the bottle. In Both cases you’re lucky: you can have lots of fun turning an ordinary bottle of spirit in a flamboyant and flashy festival. A bottle So THAT your guests will see her again and overturn an Entire row of decorated bottles can brighten the house so glamorous bar or party. Decorate the bottle is removed simple, but the results are just fantastic.


  1. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 1.jpg

    Choose the bottle or bottles you want to decorate. Taking into account the shape of the bottle and glass color. Bottle often already be molded to include the mark; in this case, be prepared to work with the brand when it comes to alcohol very good brand or be prepared to cleverly hide if it’s something you want to hide. Choose bottles that combine together if you doing a whole row of bottles decorated for a party bar. Need not be uniform, but must have visual interest.

    • Note that it may be more difficult to work with some bottles than others. For example, it may be harder hit them decorative elements frosted glass bottles or having characteristics of rare and daring design.
  2. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 2.jpg

    Take away the bottle labels. You must remove all labels: the front, the back and from elsewhere, to have a blank canvas on which to work. The method you use to remove them depend on the type of label and how it has stuck, although in some cases where the label is part of the glass bottle, you’ll have to leave it. To help off the bottle labels attached soaked in soapy water and use an item, such as a paint scraper spatula to scrape paper and glue. Use an oil such as eucalyptus or commercial cleaning fluid viscosity for the stubborn remnants of glue and pieces of paper, so you can remove all the sticky stuff.

    • By removing the tags make sure to clean the entire surface of each bottle so that any embellishments you going to wear can easily stick. Finish cleaning the bottle with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar.
    • Check the bottle cap to make sure you are properly closed. Do not use any bottle with a loose lid or you could end up soaked in vodka, rum or gin while you hit things!
    • Be sure to let the bottle air dry or use a clean towel to dry.
  3. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 3.jpg

    . Choose materials design depends heavily on the materials you use; First, consider what you would like to use on bottles. You can always add more items after designing the bottle. Obviously, it is unlikely you’re going to hit real gems but imitation jewelry will be fantastic. In general, use objects to shine, they can easily stick and to give vitality to the bottle. Some things that may work include:

    • Bright Jewellery or jewelry imitation: do not be afraid to separate old jewelry.You can get in seattle liquor stores
      or online.
    • The adhesive jewelry, fake diamonds or rhinestones and other similar things, available from craft stores, were self-adhere to a clean bottle.
    • Feathers. The brightly colored feathers from a craft shop can be fun additions to the bottle.
    • Glitter or glitter. All colors of glitter will be appropriate to decorate the bottle.Before you buy, check what they are adequately liquid glitter adhere to glass.
    • Three-dimensional letters. You might want to include the name of a guest birthday, a retiree or other special person; channel letter will be extremely well in the bottle. In fact, if you want to label the bottles (“vodka, gin, rum,” etc.) you may find that the three-dimensional letters are a very clever labeling system.
    • Conchas. Shells and bright pieces of shells (such as abalone shells) can really beautify the bottle and can easily gather at craft stores or on the beach.
    • Auditors. Some accounts may be a bit hard to hit but if really help to highlight the design, may be worth the effort. It is better to use larger than a seed accounts, so they are easy to see and easy to handle.
    • Charms. Any kind of said bottle will be more striking. Try to match colors (silver, gold, etc.) with other color themes you’re using in the bottle.
    • Painting. Do not neglect the possibilities of painting, including bright paint, paint with glitter and paint that glows in the dark. You can add paint contemporary form, as a part of the design or the complete design. Another approach would be to paint the entire bottle and then hit jewelry and other decorations on the bottom and painted. This can be a very effective look.
    • Custom pieces in your basket crafts: anything bright, glitter, vivid or bright colors is a chance to decorate your bottle, from sequins to ribbons. While stick with the topic you are looking for and can be glued or fastened well to the bottle, then fine.
    • Match adhesive materials with materials chosen. If you’re not sure, ask for advice on the craft store or hardware store where you buy the glue. In many cases, a hot melt glue gun or craft will be sufficient, but may not work, so make sure first.
  4. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 4.jpg

    Elaborate decorative design. The how you want to decorate the bottle is a totally personal creative exercise. Also depend on the shape of the bottle, the theme of your party or event and materials you choose to use. Paper draws a basic design of the bottle and playing with some of the materials to be placed in different ways. There are many possible combinations, but some of the things that can operate on bottles include:

    • Gems or jewelry rings around the bottle. For example, you may have a series of rings cascading down and nothing else. Or, you could have three evenly spaced, with large characteristic items stuck in the middle of each ring as a focal point rings.
    • A centerpiece in the center of the front of the bottle. This can range from a cameo with the photo of the birthday until a bunch of flowers made only with jewels.
    • A ribbon tied around the neck and attached to the front of the bottle, with small bows stuck randomly throughout the bottle and glittering jewels, glued to the center of each bun.
    • A random distribution of imitation jewelry and bright pieces, so it look like it is leaking luxurious treasures.
    • Themed party. Perhaps your party has a theme: in this case try to focus on the design of the item, for example for a pirate-themed party, a bottle of overflowing treasure; for a party themed mystery wealthy characters, a diamond-encrusted bottle. Whatever the subject, you think relevant decorative additions.
    • Decide if you are going to decorate other items such as glasses and table decorations. If this is the case, avoid exaggerating the complete appearance, to make the bottles look very complicated or opposed to other designs.
  5. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 5.jpg

    To see if you like the design you’re thinking, make a trial bottle. To see if the elements work well together, you can put them in place using tacks posters instead of glue. The best thing about doing it this way is that you can move all items as much as you want until well. Then hold him in a digital photo and print a copy or put it on a tablet so you can have it at your side as a template while you work on the actual design.

    • Grab the bottle. Is the bottle easy to handle with the chosen design or you find it difficult to grab? Remember that people should be able to manipulate the bottle safely without slipping.
  6. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 6.jpg

    Decorate the bottle. Once you are happy with the design, follow him and begins to hit the bottle the jeweled pieces. Work in a covered work area to prevent splashes and stains; to put all jewelry, glitter and embellishments used bowls and other small containers that are not lost as you work through your creation. Ten handy tweezers and rags to help manipulate jewelry and other ornaments and to remove stains from glue and paint. Here are some tips to help things go smoothly while doing the bottle:

    • Sometimes it is easier to work on the bottle while sideways, instead of upright. If you’ll leave the bottle upright, working from the top of the bottle to the bottom.This way your hand will not hit or stain your previous work. Before descending, make sure you turn the bottle so you can reach all angles and areas.
    • If an item begins to slip into the bottle after paste, use toothpicks, bamboo skewers, etc. to use as props and keep the item in place while it dries. Do not move the bottle during the drying time to avoid any additional movement. While waiting maybe you can proceed to the next bottle.
    • If you’re using paint is a good idea to glue all painted objects before anything else. This will prevent paint more than glass and if you do not like the effect of paint somewhere, you can clean it quickly without affecting the other items in the bottle.
    • Put glitter smearing some glue to the bottle with a brush according to the desired design and then rocíale a little glitter to the bottle. Do this over a bowl because most of the glitter will fall from the bottle and fall into the container.This way you can reuse the remaining glitter.
    • Use only the glue needed to make jewelry or other items to the bottle without dripping from the sides sticking. Using excessive amounts of adhesive can cause the bottle to look sloppy.
    • As it is very likely that you work in the bottle while still contain alcohol inside, do not use open flames near your work gluing. Also note that while working in the bottle, it will have extra weight and fluid movement sometimes cause splashing and this can affect your craft.
  7. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 7.jpg

    Before using the bottle, make sure it is dry and tough. Check it for loose parts;quítalas glue or completely.

  8. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 8.jpg

    Put it on display. If you serve at a party chooses a place where everyone can see, for example, half a tray of glasses or the center of a table. If you made a complete row of decorated bottles, put them around the house or at the bar party so they can be seen as soon as someone stand on the bar or table. To increase the wow factor maybe you can give him a lamp or a projector to the bottles.

    • Give a clever twist to display the bottles using funny items around the house.For example, put a bottle of drink at one of your favorite pairs of shoes (perhaps a not too rare or too expensive). This may be fine for a girls night out or bachelorette party.

Bottle decorated with paint

Here is a short tutorial to make a bottle decorated with paint. This way you’ll have an idea of preparing style decorated bottle.

  1. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 9.jpg

    Buy or find a bottle of suitable alcohol. Take away the labels as indicated above and pat dry.

  2. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 10.jpg

    Paint the entire bottle in one color, using glass paint. It can be white, green, red or black or any color that you think will enhance the decorations.Let it dry and decide if you need another coat of paint;yes you may need it because the paint tends to be irregular in glass with the first hand.Allow each coat to dry before proceeding.

    • You can skip this step if you prefer glass to see, especially if it is a pretty color like blue or yellow.
  3. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 11.jpg

    Píntale random spots throughout the bottle, with an approximate diameter of 1 cm (1/2 inch). A cotton swab is ideal for this purpose.Try to keep the uniform spots on size and location.Let the stitches dry.

  4. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 12.jpg

    Hit faux jewels or whatever you want at regular intervals between points. Try to make a pattern with some regularity.Follow completing the design as you wish.

  5. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol Step 13.jpg

    Before using the bottle, allow to dry for 72 hours. After this time there will be no problem using the bottle at your party or event.

  6. Bedazzle a Bottle of Alcohol intro.jpg



  • Consider the effect of drops of sticky or heavy alcohol in the decorative elements. It may not be a problem if there is a bottle once, but if you plan to keep some elements as the material can be damaged spots alcohol or viscosity.
  • To allow bottles adequate drying time, decorate them at least 48 hours before the event; is preferable to do some 72 hours earlier.
  • For a party considers decorate some miniature bottles for the guests to take home.
  • Bottles with matching jeweled cocktail glasses that combine and add a few jewels to your glassware. You can buy cheap cocktail glasses in a wine glasses and plates or in a thrift store.

Original decoration for car Grooms

Transportation on your wedding day is essential, especially for that moment in which you and your fiance become husbands. Although the cars are always on the agenda, rarely playing with imagination and originality. As we do not want the same to happen to you on this special day, this time we present you the best in original decoration for car grooms. Sure you’ll love these ideas.

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Erin Hearts Court

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo Erin Hearts Court

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Tyler Branch

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo Tyler Branch

Now that you have in mind what the means of transport you will use in your wedding, you can not leave out the details in it. The decoration on car grooms lay the foundation of the style of your wedding, so you should choose well colors and ideas that’ll include it. The options are endless, and best of all you do not have to spend millions to leave it as a work of art.

Remember that everything is focused on the details. Precisely, the original decoration for car grooms must be qualified by the theme of your wedding colors that inspire youand those details that will provide a fun and unique touch. To make the car look divine, you can include wreaths of natural flowers with bright colors and ties that aderecen a little. Dare to know the 6 colors in trend to decorate a wedding in spring 2014 .

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Joe Photo

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo Joe Photo

Original car decorations for Grooms - Picture This Modern Romance

Original car decorations for Grooms – Picture This Modern Romance

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Red Letter Events

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo Red Letter Events

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Katie Stoops Photography

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo Katie Stoops Photography

Also, you can decant for basic signs. The car grooms can take yours and your fiancé initials, their full names, a romantic phrase like “all you need is love” or the basic “just married” (just married). Letters can go flags of different colors, but you can also choose to point out these details in a white cardboard with many hearts around. Remember that you can take ideas from this wedding decoration with balloons for 2014 .

Original car decorations for Grooms - Gia Canali Stock Photography

Original car decorations for Grooms – Gia Canali Stock Photography

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Elizabeth Messina

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo Elizabeth Messina

Make the most original cans connected by a loop side. This idea is a great fun style to reflect that already characterizes proposal. Also, being recycled, they will help you stay under budget you had already set for your wedding. The topics can focus on the car decoration boyfriends, so only four wheels you’ll make it clear if your ceremony is elegant, vintage, organic, rustic, shabby chic or too casual. 

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo Caroline Lima

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo

Original car decorations for Grooms - Photo A Photo by Ashley

Original car decorations for Grooms – Photo A Photo by Ashley

If you want to equip your car grooms an original decoration, please contact the best companies of transport for weddings in Mexico City , as Limorent , Nuptials Elegance Car ,Cars Weddings Mexico . With its tender sure to find the perfect car.

25 photos and ideas to paint and decorate the ceilings of the house.

Most people who paint their houses, when doing so, the questions that arise are the colors that will be put on the walls, but never or almost never on the roof, as always tend to paint it white . Perhaps because of that vulgar tradition that accompanies us from long ago when the roof began to be painted white. Or maybe it’s because it’s really simple, and we know that we put color to put on the walls, it will always be combined with a white roof ( Although the ceilings are painted white to give greater scope to stay or other aesthetic grounds on which it is adequate also occasionally.


Be it for whatever reason, few households where the ceilings are not painted white.And today we wanted to show you some ideas for painting roofs, stripes, with drawings or figures  geometric , so you can see the decorative potential that can be added to a home if these are lent equal or greater attention than decoration walls. So here are 25 ideas to paint and decorate the ceilings of a not so conventional as usual way.


























As you can see there are many possibilities and  ideas for painting roofs different colors , and even if we empty walls, modest furniture and not resort to any technique of paint for the walls, these, they will make your stay as special. Do not be carried away by convention and atreveros to  paint and decorate the ceilings , as you see, the result can be far less impressive.

How to decorate a villa

The decoration of a villa offers an opportunity to explore both your personal tastes as various decorative elements.Already in ancient Roman times, the villas were decorated with current or past artistic fashion trends. The establishment of a high quality decoration through research and planning can incorporate eco-friendly materials to establish a unique and luxurious setting with a personal touch.The options for decorating styles can range from eclectic, harmonics up homogeneous environments tasteful.

  1. Study designs of villas, including Italian and ancient Roman, southern France and Asian concepts of interior decoration. Visit museums, both virtual and physical, with showrooms decoration. Select and visit several villages to find decorating ideas. Make a list of the concepts that are most appealing to you and that can be converted into unique decorating ideas.

  2. Consider where natural light is at different times of the day and how it changes during the year. Keep in mind what the rooms and design elements that best highlight at certain points.

  3. Use it together in your research to devise a style or a fusion of styles to decorate the villa.Take pictures of the town to use as visual references in the process. Draw a floor plan to organize ideas.

  4. Make a list of materials and items needed for each step of decoration. These would be for the preparation of the ceilings, walls and floors. Other lists would be furniture, window treatments, lighting, floor coverings and other accessories. Something to keep in mind is that an ancient Roman villa may have frescoes on the walls or tiles embedded in the floor.

  5. Get the tables, chairs, carpets, sofas, beds, tables, end tables and sheets according to the stylistic choices you’ve made. Looking to make changes to certain items such as Mauritius cotton linens, dishes and handmade rugs for every season and for Holiday villas in Mauritius.

  6. Get accessories that go along with the style that has developed. Examples of possible accessories include paintings, chandeliers and candles, baskets, fountains, coffee table books, urns and sculptures and plants to accentuate the style you’ve chosen for the villa.

  7. Work from top to bottom with decoration, ranging from the ceiling and walls to the floor.

Excellent property of modern architecture

  • bivouac-21407738938100
    • bivouac-21407738938100% 1/12
    • DSC_0731.JPG%2/12
    • DSC_0726.JPG%3/12
    • DSC_0727.JPG%4/12
    • DSC_0715.JPG%5/12
    • bivouac-11407738938100% 6/12
    • DSC_0722.JPG%7/12
    • bivouac-91407738938100% 8/12
    • DSC_0706.JPG%9/12
    • bivouac-81407738938100% 10/12
    • DSC_0730.JPG%11/12
    • DSC_0732.JPG%12/12
  • Description of Property

    In Country Dreamed Rafael – Premium Natural Life . Within the complex, opposite the golf course is this industrial property with modern minimalist design and architecture Large windows let see the landscape, green and intense colors are present at sunset. Built on 2 floors with all rooms en suite, kitchen with island, living and dining room. Laundry and bathroom downstairs.

Decoration of an Office of Accounting

The accounting profession is so complex that you need at least 8 hours to finish everything in time.To be more productive, nothing better than working in a well decorated space that brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Here are some tips for you ideas of data on a desk decoration

On the walls

In most cases, the walls of an myob bookkeeper firm are painted white, which often recalls the scene clinics.

To dress, you can turn to the wall stickers, these giant stickers that change a glance the decor of any flat surface and are easily removed when the next change of scenery.

To customize your workspace, you can add custom lamps and other paintings. And for companies that receive a lot of visitors, it is possible to rent works of art from specialized agencies through a monthly fee.If these sculptures and paintings by famous artists focused you are lucky you can buy them.

Green plants

Indoor plants will benefit you by helping you fight against stress.

For those not too familiar plants, they can seek advice from florists and other organizations such as Nature and Discovery offering a selection of resistant green plants that do not require much maintenance.

More interestingly, there are also plants stabilized by chemical formula that prevents aging of the foliage without the need for maintenance.

Finally, the most reluctant can always turn to high-end artificial plants that mimic natural versions to perfection.

Attention to detail

And for a touch of modernity and fancy, do not hesitate to invest in innovative office products.

You Paperblanks notebooks among others, different forms of Stabilo the bright colors that will bring eccentricity to your home button. And for the advanced technology buffs, be aware that computer mouse is now put in levitation method to better ensure optimal user comfort (finished carpal tunnel syndrome).

Focus on natural light

Light and ventilation are important for working in the best conditions. To do this, planning your office favoring the entry of natural light using movable partitions and Japanese-transparent curtains instead of some walls.

A central provision

In your office, you are the center of everything. And to facilitate your tasks, invest in a good swivel chair with wheels and that will become your cockpit. You must also install everything at your disposal to minimize lost time. And in the choice of furniture, find the right compromise between the design of office furniture and functional so that you can work in a pleasant environment while effective.


With the MYOB  accounting records that stack, various papers, magazines and newspapers, desks can quickly clutter. To aerate the office, do not hesitate to sort and store the files in folders of different colors (blue for insurance, green for banks)

Very funny balls sisal

This time we will teach you how to make balls sisal very fun and decorative. It is a craft of the easiest to make and very versatile because it can give you many different uses. What’s great about this craft is in the simplicity of it, so you know what I’m talking about learning how to do it.

Some of the uses you can give to these balls sisal are using them as lamps, as decorations for the home or you can also put candy inside to surprise your friends as seen in the egg craft wire .If you want to make decorative balls do not wait, because it is a very fast craft, read the step by step and learn how to do it.


  • Sisal
  • Vinyl glue
  • Balloon
  • Pin
  • Fork


Step by step:

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9366.JPGTo make these decorative vong bi, begins to inflate the balloon as big as you want your ball of yarn. When the balloon is the size you want, tie a knot in it. Metso sisal yarn in the vinyl glue, make sure it is soaked in glue.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9368.JPGTake the thread you’ve wet in white glue and it envelops the globe.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9371.JPGDale lot about the globe with the thread and in different directions to form a ball of yarn. After covering the globe with sisal thread, cut the thread with scissors.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9406.JPGWait for the glue to dry completely and use the pin to prick the balloon.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9409.JPGDeflate the balloon much as you need to remove it and leave the hollow ball of thread.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9410.JPGUse your fingers to remove the balloon through one of the holes left between the wire.

Your decorative sphere it’s ready! Use this craft to decorate your home and make it look beautiful.


Do more of these balls very funny sisal yarn of different colors to decorate more cheerful way, use colors that match the rest of your decor. Use the remaining wire to make crafts, try these beautiful frames sisal or with this Original basket . Continue doing crafts.