10 simple tips to clean your house – Tips for perfect house

Although there are many toronto cleaning services, the fact is that whenever we like everything home, which have used our mothers and grandmothers because, in the end, is what works best. Furthermore, the good thing is that these remedies are very economical and can perform them at any time. In this report, we gathered 10 of the best cleaning tips.

1. Trick to clean the sink

Sometimes it costs us too clean the sink valve , where all residues accumulate. In the following video you can see a very simple trick to disinfect.

2. Trick to renew our plastic containers

If you usually eat at work and you are tired of the containers may never be as new, do not miss the video below. I teach a trick that will leave as new.

3. Cleaning the oven tray

Another difficult areas to clean so they are like new is the oven. High temperatures cause burns, quite difficult to remove.With this trick you will succeed to leave the trays as new.

4. Trick for cleaning windows

How to cleanse your crystals? Sometimes, we use newsprint, sometimes a dry cloth. The trick we suggest, the protagonists are the means, do not miss it!

5. Cleaning the strap of the blind

We made ​​constant use of the blind and your belt . However, when we will clean it is not easy. With this home remedy you will not have any problem, you urge?

6. Trick to remove lipstick stains on clothes

When we wash clothes, some stains are difficult to remove. An example is the lipstick , but if we know this little trick, check that it is not complicated.

7. How to clean a remote control

If you are someone who wrapped with plastic remote control, today we offer a trick to leave as the new remotes . No need to protect them, you will be spectacular.

8. Trick to polish the top

For all those granite countertops or stone , today I propose a simple home remedy for abrillantarlas time to time and trick. It is a very simple and quick to prepare trick.

9. Trick to clean lacquered furniture

Not the same clean pure wood furniture that one that has been previously painted, so we must know how to make it perfect. You want to know this trick?

10. How to remove sweat stains on clothing

Finally, we show a trick to remove those stains of sweat formed especially in summer clothes and end yellowing clothes .Do not miss it!

Decoration of an Office of Accounting

The accounting profession is so complex that you need at least 8 hours to finish everything in time.To be more productive, nothing better than working in a well decorated space that brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Here are some tips for you ideas of data on a desk decoration

On the walls

In most cases, the walls of an myob bookkeeper firm are painted white, which often recalls the scene clinics.

To dress, you can turn to the wall stickers, these giant stickers that change a glance the decor of any flat surface and are easily removed when the next change of scenery.

To customize your workspace, you can add custom lamps and other paintings. And for companies that receive a lot of visitors, it is possible to rent works of art from specialized agencies through a monthly fee.If these sculptures and paintings by famous artists focused you are lucky you can buy them.

Green plants

Indoor plants will benefit you by helping you fight against stress.

For those not too familiar plants, they can seek advice from florists and other organizations such as Nature and Discovery offering a selection of resistant green plants that do not require much maintenance.

More interestingly, there are also plants stabilized by chemical formula that prevents aging of the foliage without the need for maintenance.

Finally, the most reluctant can always turn to high-end artificial plants that mimic natural versions to perfection.

Attention to detail

And for a touch of modernity and fancy, do not hesitate to invest in innovative office products.

You Paperblanks notebooks among others, different forms of Stabilo the bright colors that will bring eccentricity to your home button. And for the advanced technology buffs, be aware that computer mouse is now put in levitation method to better ensure optimal user comfort (finished carpal tunnel syndrome).

Focus on natural light

Light and ventilation are important for working in the best conditions. To do this, planning your office favoring the entry of natural light using movable partitions and Japanese-transparent curtains instead of some walls.

A central provision

In your office, you are the center of everything. And to facilitate your tasks, invest in a good swivel chair with wheels and that will become your cockpit. You must also install everything at your disposal to minimize lost time. And in the choice of furniture, find the right compromise between the design of office furniture and functional so that you can work in a pleasant environment while effective.


With the accounting records that stack, various papers, magazines and newspapers, desks can quickly clutter. To aerate the office, do not hesitate to sort and store the files in folders of different colors (blue for insurance, green for banks)

A Christmas tour of the best decorated homes in London

Christmas House

Television and movies have taught us much about the customs of the United Kingdom. With its mega entertainment industry know that eating Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, teens celebrate the end of the year with a dance, and for Christmas houses are decorated residential area . Much. Very much.

We all have in mind these detached mansions with more colored lights tiles or bricks. Santa Claus dolls real size repeating his “ho, ho, ho!” Over and over again. And although from a viewpoint aware the idea borders on tacky, are so picturesque that it is difficult to resist them. Moreover if you are traveling with family, as few things in the world will leave our children speechless .

A trip to the England is the best way to discover this custom. But of course, once there you do not know where to go. The guides typically focus on crowded places, monuments or emblematic buildings. Nothing normally calm and boring neighborhoods.

But if the destination is New York Christmas , there is a particular place to go. It is located in the neighborhood of Brooklyn and is called Dyker Heights . In its streets awaits a more explosions overloaded planet Christmas decorations.

Dyker Heights is a small area of Sell my house fast London inhabited mostly by Italian-American families . It was there about 25 years ago a neighbor became a pioneer in setting up a Christmas macro space on the facade of your home and garden. Far from being like crazy, the idea was copied by her neighbors.

Today Dyker Heights houses look everything imaginable . Lights that light up and Christmas trees of all sizes, reindeer, wreaths off. Also animated version soldiers, papanoeles or roundabouts.

In Dyker Heights there is not a single piece of land impregnated Christmas. Both terrifying to think of the money invested, or the electricity bill to pay their owners. For the time it takes to mount such an exhibition, a neighbor explains. From 10 am to 5 pm, seven days a week for about three weeks .

Those who want to enjoy Dyker Heights can do so by guided tour from November 30 to December 31. The Christmas Lights & Cannoli Tours runs the best decorated houses in the area at 3.5 hours and includes a stop for a hot chocolate and a traditional pasta from Italy called ” cannoli “.

Note that the initiative is not a bargain. The tour costs $ 55 for adults and $ 45 for children under 12 years. But to see if one of the curious, funny and typical Christmas USA shows priceless?

Best Books of decoration and interior

Today, thanks to new technology you have many options to learn how to decorate your home and understand better interior because with the magazines that you find at your local newsstand, online magazines and blogs quality can meet more and Best of decoration and interior. But it is true that many people prefer to have good books on their shelves to go to them whenever necessary and well read and reread all the advice you can find, always having them in your home library.

For this reason and for book lovers today I want to recommend two that I consider best and interior decorating books for you to guide when you go to buy one for you. I’m sure that will not leave you indifferent and you want to read again and again to keep all the details. Attentive!

How to decorate your flat: Roadmap for your first decorations (3rd Edition)

This fantastic book from the hand of Abigail Ahern is now in its 3rd edition, something that can make you see how good it is and how it has been well received among the people who have acquired. This book of 192 pages and a book Editorial Amber Ocean and interior decoration that will guide you in your first home decorations giving you all the information and tips you need to make your apartment / house becomes a special place it is.

This book is organized into four great themes: space, color, lighting and textures . All topics are essential for you to create your decorating project easily, cheaply and projecting it your whole personality.

Best Books of decoration and interior

Who moved my cheese PDF

This book  who moved my cheese pdf has 222 pages and is on the Editorial Blume. If you love interior decoration and you must not miss this issue since you will see the importance of detail in each room to achieve good feelings and get a unique style.

In its pages you can find solutions to questions about home design written by Suzanne Trocmé who will show examples of people that pays attention to the details of the rooms , analyze the general components of household and decorative techniques discussed thoroughly. You will also find hundreds of photographs of royal houses to inspire you to give you a totally realistic approach to decorating and interior design.


Very funny balls sisal

This time we will teach you how to make balls sisal very fun and decorative. It is a craft of the easiest to make and very versatile because it can give you many different uses. What’s great about this craft is in the simplicity of it, so you know what I’m talking about learning how to do it.

Some of the uses you can give to these balls sisal are using them as lamps, as decorations for the home or you can also put candy inside to surprise your friends as seen in the egg craft wire .If you want to make decorative balls do not wait, because it is a very fast craft, read the step by step and learn how to do it.


  • Sisal
  • Vinyl glue
  • Balloon
  • Pin
  • Fork


Step by step:

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9366.JPGTo make these decorative vong bi, begins to inflate the balloon as big as you want your ball of yarn. When the balloon is the size you want, tie a knot in it. Metso sisal yarn in the vinyl glue, make sure it is soaked in glue.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9368.JPGTake the thread you’ve wet in white glue and it envelops the globe.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9371.JPGDale lot about the globe with the thread and in different directions to form a ball of yarn. After covering the globe with sisal thread, cut the thread with scissors.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9406.JPGWait for the glue to dry completely and use the pin to prick the balloon.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9409.JPGDeflate the balloon much as you need to remove it and leave the hollow ball of thread.

Balls-of-thread-sisal-very-funny-9410.JPGUse your fingers to remove the balloon through one of the holes left between the wire.

Your decorative sphere it’s ready! Use this craft to decorate your home and make it look beautiful.


Do more of these balls very funny sisal yarn of different colors to decorate more cheerful way, use colors that match the rest of your decor. Use the remaining wire to make crafts, try these beautiful frames sisal or with this Original basket . Continue doing crafts.